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I understand when people don’t ‘ship Spuffy — everyone has a right to ‘ship what they want, and that’s cool, that’s what makes fandom what it is.  What I absolutely do not understand, though, is when people say they don’t see why Spuffy is at OTP status for so many people.  I could go on a huge rant about this, but really, I don’t need to.  Because I can point to one episode.

Yeah, there are a lot of amazing episodes for Spuffy, and most of them, I love more than the one I’m talking about.  But when you get to brass tacks here, this is where it is.

When you seemingly only have hours left to live … when you’re facing the biggest battle of your life, one that you’re pretty goddamn sure that you have every chance of losing … do you waste your last minutes with people that you only have a passing interest in? Or do you seek out the people you love the most?

Angel was there,guys.  He was volunteering to fight at her side.  He would have been there … she could have spent what might be the last moments of her life with him.

But she didn’t.  She made a choice, and that choice was to send him back to LA.  Yeah, she gave him the speech we all know, but that was nothing more than a sendoff and it honestly baffles me that people don’t get it.  She told him to go, knowing full well that she might never “get done baking” if the battle went pear-shaped, which was a very real possibility at that point.

She sent Angel away.  And she went home … to Spike.  Spike is the person she chose to spend her last moments with.  They all knew they might die.  She didn’t choose to go home to Spike because he was there, or because he was convenient — nuh-uh.  Not any more.  Not this time.  She could have been with Angel.  That is really important to keep in mind. She absolutely could have spent those last hours with Angel.  But she didn’t want him.  What she wanted was her strength, her rock, the one person in the whole damn world who she knew was unflinchingly on her side.

The episode is called Chosen, and I’ve used the words “chose” and “choice” a lot here, because it’s important.  Buffy and Spike weren’t star-crossed, destined lovers or what have you.  But at the end of the goddamn world?  Buffy chose Spike.

And that’s really all that needs to be said.